This weeks Junglist Massive brings you an exciting combination of traditional grime along with some fluid liquid. These new releases are from big players in the scene, showcasing the future of jungle and drum and bass. DJ Fresh’s featured EP Future Jungle explores the boundaries of progressive jungle resulting in an explosive EP. Gemini returns to the drum and bass scene with a couple glamorous liquid DnB choones. DJ Hazard dropped two phatt tracks this week, providing for a lot of the heavy grime on this week’s Junglist Massive. Brookes Brothers and Grafix dropped light attractive tracks that I love, “Beautiful” (wow) and “Hold On”, and both have had huge success. I also recommend listening to Donnie Dubson “Grey Jeans”, it’s definitely a song and artist that merit further exploration. As we can see from the quality of the content the scene is booming and providing for everyone, so the morale of this story is… stay tuned and PLAY LOUD.   Sub Zero – Brighter Days Brookes Brothers – Beautiful Grafix – Holding On Gemini – Destiny DJ Hazard – Proteus DJ Fresh – Arkanoid DJ Fresh – Gatekeeper
  • Song: AA Wallace – This Can Heal Song: AA Wallace – This Can Heal
    Halifax Disco/House producer AA Wallace recently uploaded a track that is a bit different than his regular stuff. It has a cool melancholic vibe to it. 
  • Interview: Splitmix 1 with Weska Interview: Splitmix 1 with Weska
    A new interview style, a fresh mix, and an unbelievably groovy new producer/DJ, Weska. 
  • Song: Bustah (Original Mix) // Charlie Darker Song: Bustah (Original Mix) // Charlie Darker
    Charlie Darker is at it again, apparently chasing Everest type heights with the growing mass of sonic energy that is his low-end. Bustah is truly as described, and clearly the upstart's not-so-friendly reminder to stay on top of his burgeoning career and the music that's fueled it. 
  • Video: Charlotte Day Wilson Video: Charlotte Day Wilson
    Toronto born, Halifax bound Charlotte Day Wilson appears in the public eye for the first time on the independent video webpage Southern Souls. It was, to say the least, pretty phenomenal.
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